A python "as" equivalent in julia


When I want to import a package in python, I can alias it:

import package_with_a_very_long_nameeeeee as pl

After that statement, I can refer to the package by it alias:


julia allows me to do:

using PackageWithAVeryLongName
pl = PackageWithAVeryLongName

But it feels like an ugly hack, possibly with implications I do not understand.

Is there an idiomatic way to alias imported packages in julia?


This is now possible on the upcoming Julia 1.6 using the exact same syntax as Python uses:

julia> import LinearAlgebra as LA

julia> typeof(LA)

help?> LA.svd
  svd(A; full::Bool = false, alg::Algorithm = default_svd_alg(A)) -> SVD

On prior versions, you can do what @Bill suggests — but I’d strongly recommend doing so as a const assignment alongside an import:

julia> import SparseArrays

julia> const SA = SparseArrays

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