Angular 1 – get current URL parameters


I want to extract data from current URL and use it in controller.
For example I have this url:

Bits that I want to extract: :type / :id

Is there anything in Angular that could help me with this task ?


To get parameters from URL with ngRoute . It means that you will need to include angular-route.js in your application as a dependency. More information how to do this on official ngRoute documentation.

The solution for the question:

// You need to add 'ngRoute' as a dependency in your app
angular.module('ngApp', ['ngRoute'])
    .config(function ($routeProvider, $locationProvider) {
        // configure the routing rules here
        $routeProvider.when('/backend/:type/:id', {
            controller: 'PagesCtrl'

        // enable HTML5mode to disable hashbang urls
    .controller('PagesCtrl', function ($routeParams) {
        console.log($, $routeParams.type);

If you don’t enable the $locationProvider.html5Mode(true);. Urls will use hashbang(/#/).

More information about routing can be found on official angular $route API documentation.

Side note: This question is answering how to achieve this using ng-Route however I would recommend using the ui-Router for routing. It is more flexible, offers more functionality, the documentations is great and it is considered the best routing library for angular.

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