Angular 2 Form – disable submit when ngModel = empty obj


I have an Angular2 form that is created dynamically with a for loop. For this question I am concerned with the radio buttons in my form. The form is created in the HTML then from the TS I assign the ngModel of each input to an empty object. I want the submit button in my form to be disabled until a radio button is chosen:

<form (ngSubmit)="onNext(f)" #f="ngForm">

<div class="multi-choice-question-div radio-btn-div question_div" 
    *ngIf="question?.type === 'multi-choice' && !question?.isYesOrNo">
    <div *ngFor="let answer of question?.answerDetails">
            id="{{ answer?.answerId }}"
            [(ngModel)]="ngModelObj['question_' + question.questionId]"
            name="answerForQustion{{ question?.questionId }}"
        <label class="col-md-12 col-sm-12 multi-choice-label" for="{{ answer?.answerId }}">
            <p class="q-text">{{ answer?.value }}</p>

<button class="btn btn-next"
    *ngIf="currentSectionIndex < sectionsArr.length - 1"


Even when the client has not chosen a radio button, the form thinks that it is valid and I think this is because ngModel for the radio input is set = to {}.

How can I keep this same setup (because it is engrained deep into my component frontend and backend) but make the form invalid when the ngModel = {}


Two ways, call a function to check if the value is empty (potentially expensive, probably overcomplicated):

[disabled]="f.invalid || isEmpty(f.value)"

isEmpty(formValue) {
  let x = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(formValue));
  return Object.getOwnPropertyNames(x).length === 0;

The stringify and parse together strip out any undefined keys (go ahead, console.log(formValue) and look at those undefined keys!)

Or you can check the form for dirty which indicates:

dirty : boolean A control is dirty if the user has changed the value
in the UI.

Note that programmatic changes to a control’s value will not mark it

[disabled]="!f.valid || !f.dirty"!#dirty-anchor

Plunker demo:

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