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In my app data is coming from the server with nested arrays but there is no field for the check if the checkbox is checked or not so I added that field with foreach loop. This field has no effect even if it is true or false. My code is as follows.

          resultArray => {
          this.questions = resultArray;
            this.questions.forEach(element => {
              element.Awnsers.forEach(elementA => {
                elementA.isChekced = true;

the html code for input is

<div *ngFor='let q of questions'>
<b>Question: </b>
  <div *ngFor='let a of q.Awnsers'>
      <input type="checkbox"
             (change)="testoption($event, a.Awnser)" />

Event the property isChecked is true for all the elements but they are not coming checked. Please help.


If the Angular version is 5 then I would use [(ngModel)] instead of [checked] attribute, by using two-way data binding, you will get the current status of answer i.e checked or unchecked.

<input type="checkbox" name="options" value="{{a.awnsers}}" [(ngModel)]="a.isChecked" (change)="testoption(i, a.Awnser)" />

A Working StackBlitz

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