Angular and express with Azure DevOps


i have Angular in Azure Devops Build and Release Pipeline which puts it on a Azure Web app.
I have Express with MongoDB as Backend, but where would be the best position to put this on? Another Azure Web App or where?

I think it would be nice to also include those into the build and release pipeline in azure devops, i would have 2 artefacts which i could then use in the release pipeline.

I think i am just a little confused and need a pointer in the right direction 🙂


Database DevOps applies these same principles, making sure that the database code is included in the same process as development code.
More about Database Devops

DBAs need to work more closely with developers as the database is now a core part of rapid DevOps service delivery for many organizations. Not doing so creates slower processes, development cycles and can create gaps in data security. Read this doc
Connect your Azure-Devops to Mongodb integration. Zapier lets you send info between Azure DevOps and MongoDB automatically—no code required
More info here

These document also help you.

Benefits of Integrating DevOps and Database Processes

why need database devops

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