Angular dynamic flag icon in span based on mat-select change


I have a mat-select and I would like to change a flag icon in a span in the mat-label, based on the selected option.

The initial flag is shown, after a click no change occurs in the span.

The flags in the option list are working correctly, so the question only concerns the label.

I am trying something like:


      <span [class]="getLanguageFlag(selectedLanguage)"></span>
      {{ selectedLanguage }}


        *ngFor="let language of languages"

        <span [class]="getLanguageFlag(language)"></span>
        {{ language }}


    selectedLanguage: string = environment.defaultLanguage;

    private store: Store<State>,
    private translateService: TranslateService) {}

    changeLanguage(language: string): void {
    this.selectedLanguage = language;

    getLanguageFlag(language: string): string {
    let style = 'flag-icon flag-icon-';
    return language === 'en' ? `${style}gb` : `${style}${language}`;

I’ve also tried a getter/setter, but the setter didn’t seem to work when using the mat-select.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I tested it and you code works. You should just check if 2-letter country code is correct.

I don’t know if you just didn’t copy it correctly, but you are missing closing <mat-form-field> tag in you HTML, so check that also.

Working example

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