Angular-material ng-click strange border highlight


I have a problem with using AngularJS and Angular-Material.

Take a look at the following code:

<div flex="100">
   <ul class="list-group">
       <li class="list-group-item cursorPointer" 
        ng-repeat="item in array" ng-click="selectItem(item)">

The li tag has a ng-click function attach to it that contains some business logic. The problem is that there appears a strange border when you click on it (similar to user-selection highlight) and I can’t seem to figure out where is it coming from.

This seems to appear only when I have an ng-click directive on an element (same behavior on span element)

Versions used:

AngularJS – 1.4.1

Angular-Material – 0.9.4

Angular-Aria – 1.4.0

Angular-Animate – 1.4.1

Angular-UI-Boostrap – 0.9.0

Bootstrap – 3.2.0

JQuery – 2.1.4

Any ideas? See this plnkr for example:


Your problem is the :focus, you can get around by doing something like this

 span:focus {
    outline: none;
    border: 0;

So this is just for your span, you could get more specific on other items if you wanted to remove it elsewhere.

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