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I am currently creating a search function in AngularJS 1. I am using Restangular in order to communicate between my JS frontend and an API.

I was wondering however, does AngularJS or Restangular in particular, strip out certain characters from my request?

I am doing a get request as follows using Restangular:

{ // etc…

However this works if detail_id is set to: 2019
but when detail_id is set to: 2019#1

Then Restangular (I assume) automatically strips off the #1 and I don’t see this on the server side.

Am I making a mistake here or is this a limitation to Get requests with Restangular or alternatively is this working as intended and I have missed something?

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This is by design. The part after the # is called the fragment, and is it never sent to the server since it is supposed to be used on the client side only.

Per Wikipedia’s article on the subject:

The fragment identifier functions differently than the rest of the URI: namely, its processing is exclusively client-side with no participation from the web server

If # is actually part of the id, you’d need to url encode the parameter like this:

Restangular.all('details').get(encodeURIComponent(detail_id)).then(function(detailResult) { // etc...

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