AngularJS Graphs & Charts – Mix of solid & dotted


I’ve been working with ZingChart & AngularJS to print some graphs & charts.

I’ve searching for graph that it solid in the end is dotted, something like:


There is a way to do so? maybe with other framework\library other then ZingChart?


Thanks for reaching out. A mix of solid and dotted lines is quite easy to implement with ZingChart using rules. Inside a series entry, add a rules property that will change the line style from solid to dashed after a node index value as shown below.

"rules": [
      "rule": "%i > 4",
      "line-style": "dashed",

I’ve attached a screenshot of the result and a demo for your reference.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out in case you have more questions.

enter image description here

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