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I was looking here in the site and I couldn’t find anything that would help me.
I have to send parameters to one route, and I have to use form, how do I send the parameters.
the HTML code:

<form ui-sref="root.logiguala" method="get">
  <input type="text" name="field" ng-model="field">
  <input type="text" name="values" ng-model="values">

  <button type="submit">Carregar</button>

And this is supposed to comunicate with:

    name: 'root.logiguala',
    url: '/LogIgualA/:field/:values',
    params: {
      field: { value: null },
      values: { value: null } 
    views: {
      main: 'home',
    },resolve: {
      logs: function(pageService,$stateParams) {
        return pageService.LogIgualA($stateParams.field,$stateParams.values);


(I really don’t know the correct terminology).


ui.router accepts parameters for your states. You probably want to write it as:

<button ui-sref="root.logiguala({'field': field, 'values': values})">Carregar</button>

Or, if you want to use form submission:

<form ng-submit="submit()">

and (in controller)

$scope.submit = function() {
  $state.go('root.logiguala', {'field': $scope.field, 'values': $scope.values});

(don’t forget to inject $state into your controller)

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