Anlgular 2 – Kendo UI Datepicker default input placeholder


I’m using the new [Datepicker from telerik Kendo UI][1]

The datepicker is working great but I have 1 problem, when my date value is not defined it displays undefined like this:

[![enter image description here][2]][2]

However looking at [this plunker][3] I see that it’s possible to display a default value, but I can’t figure out how.

here’s my current code:

<kendo-datepicker id="pickDateStart"
                  [class.has-error]="pickDateStart.invalid && showValidation"
                  ngModel required>


<template #errors_startDate>
    <div *ngIf="pickDateStart.errors?.required">
        <i class="fa fa-exclamation-circle"></i> {{"itemIsRequired" | translate }}

How can I display a default placeholder in the input field, or the date format (something cleaner then "Undefined")


The proper culture data should be loaded in order to display the correct placeholder messages. A through discussion on the topic can be found in this Github issue:

Here you can find a working example:

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