Array argument issues for Sumif


I’m trying to make the following formula work and it’s giving me "Array arguments to SUMIFS are of different size."

=SUMIFS(ChronologicalExpenditures!I2:I995, ChronologicalExpenditures!N3:N, "*"&H2&"*", ChronologicalExpenditures!B3:B, "Expenditure, Contractor")

Basically, I want to add the values in "ChronologicalExpenditures!I2:I995" together, ONLY if "ChronologicalExpenditures!N3:N" is equal to ""&H2&"" And "ChronologicalExpenditures!B3:B" is equal to "Expenditure, Contractor".

So basically sum (column A) together, but only if (column B) = (Contents of cell X) and (Column C) = "Sample text"

Thank you for any help you can offer.



        ChronologicalExpenditures!N2:N, "*"&H2&"*", 
        ChronologicalExpenditures!B2:B, "Expenditure, Contractor")

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