Automatically pass $event with ng-click?


I know that I can get access to the click event from ng-click if I pass in the $event object like so:

<button ng-click="myFunction($event)">Give me the $event</button>

  function myFunction (event) {
    typeof event !== "undefined" // true

It’s a little bit annoying having to pass $event explicitly every time. Is it possible to set ng-click to somehow pass it to the function by default?


Take a peek at the ng-click directive source:

compile: function($element, attr) {
  var fn = $parse(attr[directiveName]);
  return function(scope, element, attr) {
    element.on(lowercase(name), function(event) {
      scope.$apply(function() {
        fn(scope, {$event:event});

It shows how the event object is being passed on to the ng-click expression, using $event as a name of the parameter. This is done by the $parse service, which doesn’t allow for the parameters to bleed into the target scope, which means the answer is no, you can’t access the $event object any other way but through the callback parameter.

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