Bad words filter is not working correctly discord.js v13


I was trying to make a bad words filter with my bot in discord.js v13 and node.js v16. I wrote a simple code but It’s not working correctly.

My code:

const args = message.content.split(/ +/);
if (( = 'GUILD_ID')) {
  const bad = ['word1', 'word2'];
  if (bad.includes(args[0].join(' '))) {
  } else {

When I send a ‘word1’ message, It works correctly and deletes the message. but when I send for example: "Hello word1", It does not work.

What does It need to do?

  1. Delete the message if it includes a bad word.

Note: I am not getting any errors!


It’s because you check if the array contains the string "Hello word1".

You can use Array#some() with a callback function to check if the string contains any of those words in the array:

function containsBadWords(str) {
  const badWords = ['word1', 'word2']

  if (badWords.some(word => str.toLowerCase().includes(word))) 
    return 'String contains bad words'
    return 'No bad words found'

console.log(containsBadWords('Some other text that includes word2 here'))
console.log(containsBadWords('No bad words here'))
// make sure you don't use single '=' here!
if ( === 'GUILD_ID') {
  const bad = ['word1', 'word2']
  if (bad.some(word => message.content.includes(word)))

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