Biomedical Image Segmentation


In brain tumor segmentation,can I consider Images and Labels as color images?
Or images can have 3 channels but Ground Truth/ Mask/ Label must be in 1 channel. Or both must be of 1 channel?? As I have used both (images & GT) of 3 channels for UNET architecture, and giving me output as blank colored image. Why output is so?


There is no necessary to use colored images to perform biomedical image segmentation. The value of CT/MR image has a specific meaning, which denotes different lesions such as bones or vessels.
If you use 3 channels, I don’t know whether the value still has the same meaning or not. Also, I do not recommend you take the GT as 3 channels image, because the voxel value denotes different classes. In your case, maybe 1-n for different kinds of tumors, 0 for background.
Thus, 3 channels representation will lose some semantic information, make the problem more complex.

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