"bound m" show in angular ng-repeat


I use restangular to connect to REST API. I define a ProductService.js with this code:

'use strict';

angular.module('app').service('ProductService', function($rootScope, Restangular) {
    // Build collection /product URL
    var _productService = Restangular.all('product');

    this.list = function() {
    // GET /api/product
         return _productService.getList();

    this.create = function(product) {
        // POST /api/product/:id
        _productService.post(product).then(function() {

and I use this service in ProductController.js:

"use strict";


     // get products
     $scope.products = ProductService.list();

    // create product
    $scope.create = function(product) {

    // Event Listeners
    $scope.$on('product.create', function(product) {
        $scope.products = ProductService.list();
        console.log('product create');


and anythings is okay when page load and after that when create a product show me this page:


I solved problem and add $object to list function in ProductService.js:

    this.list = function() {
        // GET /api/product
        return _productService.getList().$object;

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