can i set a base url for expect()


My restangular call has a baseUrl set in a config file to http://localhost:3000/. So a call like


Calls at baseUrl+"awards"

Now when I write a test for this, i have to write:


But later if this baseUrl changes, I will have to change it in a lot many .expect() methods.

Is there anyway to set a baseUrl for the expect method, in a config file somewhere?

So that the expect method something like-

httpBackend.expectPOST(baseUrl + "awards");

So that any change in the baseUrl does not require any change in the expect() method?


You can create an angular.constant and then inject that constant wherever it is required.

var app = angular.module('app', []);
app.constant('Configuration', {
  BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000/'

app.factory('RestApiService', function($http, Configuration) {
  var awardApi = Configuration.BASE_URL + '/awards';

  return {
    getAwards: fucntion() {
      return $http.get(awardApi);

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