"Cannot GET /" with Connect on Node.js


I’m trying to start serving some static web pages using connect like this:

var connect = require("connect");
var nowjs = require("now");
var io = require("socket.io");

var app = connect.createServer(
  connect.static(__dirname + '/public')


So I added a simple index.html at the /public directory on the same directory as the app.js file is, but when I try to view the page on my browser I get this response from node:

Cannot GET /

What I’m doing wrong and how I can correct it?


This code should work:

var connect = require("connect");

var app = connect.createServer().use(connect.static(__dirname + '/public'));


Also in connect 2.0 .createServer() method deprecated. Use connect() instead.

var connect = require("connect");

var app = connect().use(connect.static(__dirname + '/public'));


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