Changing the href of a link tag using JavaScript


I am trying to change the href of a link tag so that when a button is pressed a new style sheet is loaded.

function addcss()
var findlink = document.getElementsByTagName("link");
findlink.href = "stylesheetxhtml.css";


You can’t set the href directly like that, because document.getElementsByTagName returns all the <link> tags (as a NodeList). If you’re positive you only have one, use this:

var findlink = document.getElementsByTagName("link");
findlink[0].href = "stylesheetxhtml.css";

If you have multiple <link> elements and want to target a specific one, give it an id and use document.getElementById:

var findlink = document.getElementsById("myLinkId");
findlink.href = "stylesheetxhtml.css";

Finally, if you want to create a new <link> element, use document.createElement:

var newLink = document.createElement('link');
newLink.href = "stylesheetxhtml.css";

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