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Alrighty, for an internship project I am trying to create a simple client for a REST API. The current client is using regular angularJS, but I need to use Restangular for this.

I have been searching around a lot, trying out a lot of things, but nothing quite helped me do what I want, or understand what needs to happen.

This is the code snippet that needs to turn into Restangular

$http.get('/rest/programarticle/', {
  'format': 'json'
}).success(function(data, status, headers, config) {
  $scope.articles = angular.articles = data.results;

This picks up JSON data which contains some meta data, aswell as an array (results):

    "count": 3,
    "next": null,
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "id": 100,
            "catalog": 7,
            "catalog_alias": "placeHolder",
            "program": 7,
            "name": "placeHolder"
            "id": 92,
            "catalog": 6,
            "catalog_alias": "placeHolder",
            "program": 6,
            "name": "placeHolder"
            "id": 84,
            "catalog": 5,
            "catalog_alias": "string",
            "program": 5,
            "name": "placeHolder"

I have my baseUrl configured correctly, and I tried this out:

var testArticles = Restangular.all('programarticle').getList();

Using the following ResponseInterceptor:

RestangularProvider.addResponseInterceptor(function(data, operation, what, url, response, deferred) {
    var extractedData;
    if (operation === "getList") {
        extractedData = data.results;
        extractedData.count = data.count; =;
        extractedData.previous = data.previous;
    } else {
        extractedData =;
    return extractedData;

But this still results in something I can’t work with in the console:

Promise {$$state: Object, restangularCollection: true, $object: Array[0]}

Which when opened shows the following:

$$state: Object
$object: Array[7]
call: wrapper()
get: wrapper()
push: wrapper()
restangularCollection: true
__proto__: Promise

It does show an array($object), but I cannot reach it using


Should I be using .get() instead of getList()? If so, how do I use this correctly?

Thank you for your time and please suggest, I am still a beginner.


What the get/getList functions from restangular return are actually Promises, not the JSON objects retrieved themselves. Promises are a way of abstracting an asynchronous call with a more manageable interface. They stand for an expected future result.

What you need to know is that to get the actual result of the Promise, you must add a callback using the then function, like so:

Restangular.all('programarticle').getList().then(function (articles) {
    $scope.articles = articles;

Read more about promises here.

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