Coqide 8.5: No syntax highlighting on Linux


I installed Coqide 8.5 w/ nix. Unfortunately, the text is blakc in all panels; there’s no syntax highlighting of any kind (otherwise, 8.5 seems a big improvement over 8.4, which I’ve installed as well). I also get the following:

(coqide:17272): GtkSourceView-WARNING **: Unknown parent scheme 'classic' in scheme 'coq_style'

(coqide:17272): GtkSourceView-WARNING **: Failed to load '/nix/store/2sxcqfc4q3ls4g2q13n1zwfhnydvgq-coq-8.5pl1/share/coq/coq.lang': could not find the RelaxNG schema file

The output of cat ~/.nix-profile/share/coq/coq_style.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<style-scheme id="coq_style" _name="Coq highlighting based on Ssr manual"
          parent-scheme="classic" version="1.0">
<author>The Coq Dev Team</author>
<_description>Coq/Ssreflect color scheme for the vernacular language</_description>

<style name="coq:comment" foreground="#brown"/>
<style name="coq:coqdoc" foreground="#brown" italic="true"/>
<style name="coq:vernac-keyword" bold="true" foreground="#dark violet"/>
<style name="coq:gallina-keyword" bold="true" foreground="#orange red"/>
<style name="coq:identifier" foreground="#navy"/>
<style name="coq:constr-keyword" foreground="#dark green"/>
<style name="coq:constr-sort" foreground="#008080"/>

<style name="coq-ssreflect:comment" foreground="#b22222"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:coqdoc" foreground="#b22222" italic="true"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:vernac-keyword" bold="true" foreground="#a021f0"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:gallina-keyword" bold="true" foreground="#a021f0"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:identifier" bold="true" foreground="#0000ff"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:constr-keyword" foreground="#228b22"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:constr-sort" foreground="#228b22"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:tactic" foreground="#101092"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:endtactic" foreground="#ff3f3f"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:iterator" foreground="#be6ad4"/>
<style name="coq-ssreflect:string" foreground="#8b2252"/>

Given the first warning, I guess there should be something else instead of "classic" but what


I have libgtksourceview3.0-common installed but CoqIDE depends on libgtksourceview2.0-common. Installing the latter fixed it

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