Create NativeScript Helloworld project failed


I’m trying to create NativeScript "HelloWorld" project. > ns create hello-world --ng throwing below error:

request to failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate

While ns doctor shows all good.

> ns doctor
    ✔ Getting environment information
    No issues were detected.
        ✔ Your ANDROID_HOME environment variable is set and points to correct directory.
        ✔ Your adb from the Android SDK is correctly installed.
        ✔ The Android SDK is installed.
        ✔ A compatible Android SDK for compilation is found.
        ✔ Javac is installed and is configured properly.
        ✔ The Java Development Kit (JDK) is installed and is configured properly.
        ✔ Local builds for iOS can be executed only on a macOS system. To build for iOS on a different operating system, you can use the NativeScript cloud infrastructure.
        ✔ Getting NativeScript components versions information...    
        ✔ Component nativescript has 8.0.1 version and is up to date.

I’m not behind any proxy, using Win 10 Operating system and VS Code editor.


Let me answer to this question myself. After struggling for few days I can able to fix this issue by simply re-installing Nativescript.

Hope this may help someone.

Answered By – Ashish Narnoli

Answer Checked By – Mary Flores (AngularFixing Volunteer)

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