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I have constructed a news aggregator website which shows 10 headlines with corresponding images, scraped from ( The Toronto Star ) , using bs4.

Here’s a photo for reference:
enter image description here

However, the major problem is, Everytime i refresh the page, all of the elements dissapear, As seen in the photo below :

enter image description here

Anyone know what the problem is?

Here is the element where my variables are stored:

<div class="col-6">
            <center><i><u><h3 class="text-centre">Live News from The Toronto Star</h3></u></i></center>
            {% for n, i in toronto %}
            <img src="{{i}}">
            {% endfor %}

and here’s my file :

from django.shortcuts import render
import re
import json
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import itertools

# Getting news from The Toronto Star

toi_r = requests.get("")
toi_soup = BeautifulSoup(toi_r.content, 'html.parser')

toi_headings = toi_soup.find_all('h3')

toi_headings = toi_headings[0:10]# removing footers

toi_news = []

for th in toi_headings:

#Getting news from the NY Times

ht_r = requests.get("")
ht_soup = BeautifulSoup(ht_r.content, 'html.parser')
ht_headings = ht_soup.findAll('h3')
ht_headings = ht_headings[0:8] + ht_headings[10:12] + ht_headings[19:21]
ht_news = []

for hth in ht_headings:

# Getting Images from The Toronto Star

tor_r = requests.get("")
data ="window\.__PRELOADED_STATE__ = (.*)", tor_r.text)
data = json.loads(

def find_images(d):
    if isinstance(d, dict):
        for k, v in d.items():
            if k == "image":
                yield v
                yield from find_images(v)
    if isinstance(d, list):
        for v in d:
            yield from find_images(v)

images = []

for img in find_images(data):
    if img["url"]:
        images.append("" + img["url"])

images = images[4:14]

#zip file to concurrently loop news and headlines in the django templates inside my index.html file

toronto = zip(toi_news, images)

def index(req):
    return render(req, 'news/index.html', {'toi_news':toi_news, 'ht_news': ht_news, 'images': images, 'toronto': toronto})


Nevermind, found the solution myself. I just had to add a list() function around the zip() function in the toronto variable on line 79 of my file. Hope this helped someone out!

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