Does cv2.HoughCircles() perform a Gaussian blur?


This is an extension to another user’s question asking whether it is necessary to perform a Gaussian blur before using cv2.Canny(). I know from the documentation that cv2.HoughCircles() calls a Canny edge detector (presumably cv2.Canny()). Based on the user’s question, I need to use a Gaussian blur with the default Sobel kernel size. Does cv2.HoughCircles call cv2.Canny() with a default Sobel kernel size? If it does, does cv2.HoughCircles() method implicitly use a Gaussian blur already?

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It does not perform Gaussian Blur.

It is recommended to apply Gaussian Blur
before feeding your image to HoughCircles.

It also helps to smooth image a bit unless it’s already soft. For example, GaussianBlur() with 7×7 kernel and 1.5×1.5 sigma or similar blurring may help.

In the current implementation
of OpenCV there’s no Gaussian Blur call.

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