ERR! 426 Upgrade Required, when I interact with the npm registry


When I try to publish a new package to npm or try to logout, I get the following error message:

npm ERR! code E426
npm ERR! 426 Upgrade Required


Beginning October 4, 2021, all connections to npm websites and the npm
registry—including for package installation—must use TLS 1.2 or


What I did:

  • upgrade Node (0) to its current recommended version: 14.18.0 LTS
  • upgrade npm with npm install -g npm@latest

Other causes: I had to manually set the registry to use https instead of http as well:

  • npm config set registry

(0) When using nvm, that’s what you need to do:

nvm install 14.18.0
nvm use 14.18.0
nvm alias default 14.18.0

Answered By – Robin Wieruch

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