error Your lockfile needs to be updated, but yarn was run with `–frozen-lockfile`


I have an issue regarding one dependency in my yarn.lock file. The issue is with ldapjs, the latest version has a bug regarding special characters in user or password so I want to freeze it in the latest working version which is 1.0.2.

As I commited my code to master branch, the step of building this project started to fail saying the message of the title.

Here is my dockerfile

FROM repository/node-oracle:10.15.3

LABEL maintainer="Me"

RUN yarn cache clean

# Add Tini
ADD${TINI_VERSION}/tini /tini
RUN chmod +x /tini
ENTRYPOINT ["/tini", "--"]

WORKDIR /usr/src/auth

COPY . .

RUN yarn install --frozen-lockfile --non-interactive --silent

ENV PATH /usr/src/auth/node_modules/.bin:$PATH


CMD ["node", "./bin/www"]

Any work around on how can I make this work?

Also as an extra info, I was able to run the pipeline with this step in a feature branch, the message started in develop and master branch.


These are the dependencies updated and freezed in my yarn.lock file

  version "0.7.2"
  resolved ""
  integrity sha1-GShtEMaySpjMkG3GOCVhkWhvqR8=
    async ">= 0.1.22"
    bunyan ">= 1.3.5"
    **ldapjs "=1.0.2"**
    underscore ">= 1.4.3"

  version "1.0.2"
  resolved ""
  integrity sha512-XzF2BEGeM/nenYDAJvkDMYovZ07fIGalrYD+suprSqUWPCWpoa+a4vWl5g8o/En85m6NHWBpirDFNClWLAd77w==
    asn1 "0.2.1"
    assert-plus "0.1.5"
    bunyan "0.22.1"
    nopt "2.1.1"
    pooling "0.4.6"
    dtrace-provider "0.2.8"


Just an Update. After a few attempts I was finally able to do what i wanted. Removing the ^ from ldap.js and from active directory (which contains the ldap.js library) did the job as expected.

Answered By – Leonardo Ferreira

Answer Checked By – Mary Flores (AngularFixing Volunteer)

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