Event emitter from dialog afterClosed subscribe to the parent


I want to emit an event after closed a material dialog but doesn’t work (maybe because angular code is out of zone?).

if I try this, it works fine (the event is properly attached in the html parent):


But if I put this code in afterClosed event:

    dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(result => {

It doesn’t work. No error shown but the event stop there. How can I fix it?


Finally I figured out the problem. It wasn’t an issue of the out of zone.
The hierarchy of components is this:

  1. Parent: list of item
  2. Child: an item with mouseleave and mouseover to show the operations buttons that open the dialogs
  3. dialog

What’s happen was the dialog is opened when mouse enter in the item, in this time lost the focus and in html showOperations was false. The actionEmitter didn’t exist anymore.

 <div  (mouseenter)="showOperations=true" (mouseleave)="showOperations=false">

      <!-- item something -->

      <child-component *ngIf="showOperations" (actionEmitter)="action($event)"></child-component>

I’ve resolved with [hidden] instead of *ngIf:

 <child-component [hidden]="!showOperations" (actionEmitter)="action($event)"></child-component>

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