Express JS not updating version in terminal


I needed ExpressJS v 4.17 instead of 4.16 as it caused some dependency issues with other modules. I followed the instructions in this answer and now I can’t work out what’s going on.

In my package.json I’m seeing v 4.17 but when I try express -v in terminal I see 4.16. If I go to node modules in the directory my app is in the package.json for the express module is also 4.17 – but terminal still showing 4.16

Am I missing a step here? It looks like 4.16 is still installed according to terminal and that it hasn’t been updated despite all the other signs saying it has?


Running express on the command line invokes the functionality provided by express-generator (if you have it installed). Any output from this program would be specific to express-generator and not to express itself.

What you’re seeing is the version of express-generator that’s installed on your system, not the core of express itself. Use the output of npm list [-g] to discern what version of "core" Express is installed on your system or in your project.

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