Free/open source code editor UI control for .Net


I’m looking for a free, syntax-highlighting, possibly autocompleting “Programmer’s textbox” style control for use in a Visual Studio Windows Forms or WPF project. It should work with C# and self-defined languages, and the licence should permit its use in a closed, in-house development tool.

There are pay-for solutions available – something like would work fine – but I am looking for something simpler, and would prefer not to pay for unnecessary functionality. Any ideas?


I’ve been using the SharpCode.TextEditor for a few cases, and it works quite well – including syntax highlighting and all.

Check out this Using ICSharpCode.TextEditor article on CodeProject for an intro.

alt text

To download it, go to the SharpDevelop web site and download the latest sources. One of the projects included is the Text editor, which you can easily isolate into its own assembly or sub project – you get all the source code, after all!

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