GCP Cloud Storage: What is the difference between bucket.upload and file.save methods?


Is there a better option for uploading a file?

In my case I need to upload a lot of small files (pdf or text) and I have to decide the best option, but anyway are there differences between these two methods?

Here two examples taken directly from the documentation

Save method:

const {Storage} = require('@google-cloud/storage');
const storage = new Storage();
const myBucket = storage.bucket('my-bucket');

const file = myBucket.file('my-file');
const contents = 'This is the contents of the file.';

file.save(contents, function(err) {
  if (!err) {
    // File written successfully.

// If the callback is omitted, we'll return a Promise.
file.save(contents).then(function() {});

Upload method:

const {Storage} = require('@google-cloud/storage');
const storage = new Storage();
const bucket = storage.bucket('albums');

// Upload a file from a local path.
bucket.upload('/local/path/image.png', function(err, file, apiResponse) {
  // Your bucket now contains:
  // - "image.png" (with the contents of `/local/path/image.png')

  // `file` is an instance of a File object that refers to your new file.


At its core, both of these functions do the same thing. They upload a file to a bucket. One is just a function on bucket and the other a function on file. They both end up calling file.createWriteStream, so they have the same performance as well.

The functions behave differently in terms of upload type. file.save will default to a resumable upload unless you specify otherwise (you can set the resumable boolean on SaveOptions to false). bucket.upload will perform a multipart upload if the file is smaller than 5MB and a resumable upload otherwise. For bucket.upload, you can force a resumable or multipart upload by modifying the resumable boolean on UploadOptions.

Note that in the upcoming major version release (https://github.com/googleapis/nodejs-storage/pull/1876), this behavior will be unified. Both functions will default to a resumable upload regardless of file size. The behavior will be the same.

For small files, multipart uploads are recommended.

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