Generic function to convert string to typescript enum


I found this great answer about how to convert a string to a typescript enum. Based on that I have written this function

enum Color { Red='red', Green='green' }

function mapColorString(strColor: string): Color {
  const colorKey = strColor as keyof typeof Color
  return Color[colorKey]

But now when I try to make it generic,

function getEnumFromString<T>(str: string): T {
  const enumKey = str as keyof T
  return T[enumKey]

I get the error in the return statement: 'T' only refers to a type, but is being used as a value here.

I want to make this generic because I have a number of enums that I need to generate based on their string values, and I would like to not have a separate method for every one.


I can get this to work when i pass the enum definition:

enum Color { Red='red', Green='green' }

function getEnumFromString<T>(type: T, str: string): T[keyof T] {
    const casted = str as keyof T;
    return type[casted];

const bar = getEnumFromString(Color, 'Red');

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