Getter in class is always undefined


I have a typescript class which contains a getter (which is just a concatenation of multiple properties).

For some reason, the getter always returns undefined, even if the properties inside are all defined.

import { IdDisplayName } from './';

export class Person {
  id?: number;
  age!: number;
  personType!: IdDisplayName<number>;
  name!: string = '';

  public get description() : string {
    return + ' • ' + (this.personType.displayName ?? 'No type')
      + '/' + this.age;

I’m receiving the data as a Json and casting to Person like so:

let person = result as Person;
let desc = person.description; //undefined, never enters the description getter code.


Casting does not instantiate a class, it merely tells the compiler to treat your result like a Person class… which probably isn’t the case yet.

You have to do what you probably expected the cast to do by itself, create a constructor inside your Person class and instantiate a instance of Person with the new key-word.

export class Person {
  constructor(res: any){
    // assign properties

var desc = new Person(result).description;

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