Getting "Frame window is not acessible" while calling custom DSL


I grabbed Angular Seed project and modified its scenario test. I’m trying a really simple test, so I believe it’s something I’m missing. Here is the DSL and Scenario spec:

angular.scenario.dsl('customDsl', function() {
  return function(selector) {
    return this.addFutureAction('customDsl', function ($window, $document, done) {
      done(null, selector + ' is ok!');

describe('my app', function() {
  it('should pass', function() {
    expect(customDsl('test')).toBe('test is ok!');

When running the test it fails with the following message:

Frame window is not accessible.

I’m using Windows 7 and running scenarios in Chrome. To run the tests, I start the server node scripts\web-server.js, then scripts\e2e-test.bat.


It seems like you need to move to a page of the application before you can run any scenarios. Check out:

Note that adding


solves the problem. Take it out and you can replicate your error.

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