Going through a range of numbers in python that each are supposed to be typed into a searchbox on a website


maybe someone can help me, Im pretty new to coding
Im trying to go through a range of numbers that are each supposed to be typed into a searchbox on a website.
That is my sad try so far, does anyone have an idea? I guess its gotta be a little more complex than this

enter image description here



would send the word "Numbers" to the search bar, if you want to send the numbers themselves you could use a format string:


the f in front of the string "" indicates that it’s going to be a format string and the {} evaluate your variables. So:

a = hello
print(f"{a} world!")
>>> hello world!

Though in that case that alone would only send the list to the searchbar so you could use a loop to get over the numbers one by one:

for i in Numbers:

or you could "".join(Numbers) into one string and send them all at once. Kinda depends on why you’re doing it and what you mean to accomplish with it.

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