How can i count the number of errors on Form?



How can i count the number of errors made on form ?


 <div ng-show="form.$submitted && form.$invalid">
      Sorry but 3 errors have been made.


One way you could do this by using the specific count of a specific error criteria, required, pattern etc.. that are available as a part of form’s $error[prop] array. In your case you could try using form.$error.required.length:-

<div ng-show="form.$submitted && form.$invalid">
       Sorry but {{form.$error.required.length}} errors have been made.


You could add a function on the controller which can determine the number of errors on the form and return it, and use it in the view to display the total error count.

    var count = 0,
        errors = form.$error;

     angular.forEach(errors, function(val){ if(angular.isArray(val)) {  count += val.length; }  });
    //Object.keys(errors).forEach(function(key){ count += errors[key].length  }); //get count of all error categories from form

    return count;


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