How can i fix the deployement error 'starter.cmd "D:\home\site\d …"' was aborted


I am having this error while deploying my nodejs code to azure app service through CD linked to my azure repos repository :

"Command ‘starter.cmd "D:\home\site\d …’ was aborted due to no
output nor CPU activity for 60 seconds. You can increase the
is a WebJob) if needed.\r\nstarter.cmd

Any ideas ? Thanks 🙂


By default, when your build process launches some command, it’s allowed to run for up to 60 seconds without producing any output. If that is not long enough, you can make it longer, e.g. to make it 10 minutes:


Note that on Azure, there is a general idle request timeout that will cause clients to get disconnected after 230 seconds. However, the command will still continue running server-side after that.

You can do this by going to Azure Portal > select your web app> under settings click Configure tab and add an New Application Settings SCM_COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEOUT to say 600

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