How can I generate a random number in a certain range?


How can I create an app that generates a random number in Android using Eclipse and then show the result in a TextView field? The random number has to be in a range selected by the user. So, the user will input the max and min of the range, and then I will output the answer.


To extend what Rahul Gupta said:

You can use Java function int random = Random.nextInt(n).
This returns a random int in the range [0, n-1].

I.e., to get the range [20, 80] use:

final int random = new Random().nextInt(61) + 20; // [0, 60] + 20 => [20, 80]

To generalize more:

final int min = 20;
final int max = 80;
final int random = new Random().nextInt((max - min) + 1) + min;

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