How can I make authentication work through oauth2-oidc in angular app –> spring backend –> application


First things first, im not very experienced in oauth2 and oidc.

I got the following architecture

To sum that picture up: I want to be able to login on an Application through my Angular App, which has a SpringBoot Backend inbetween. The Application already supports SSO via oauth2 and oidc.

My initial try would be to get the ID token in an Angular App. With that token I want to get through my Backend to the Application, which will authenticate the user.

Am I going in the right direction? If so, whats the minimum config i have to set in my angular app, in order to get the id token? For the Application, I already got the client id and client secret, which works perfectly fine.


So the way i solved this was to request the whole token including the claims at my angular frontend via oauth2-oidc implicit flow. I than attached the required information in the authorization header as bearer token and got it working 👌

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