How can I open Modal by clicking a custom button angular


I’ve created a custom button in separated component this allows me to add this component(button) where I want.
for exemple this is the custom component button :

<button nbButton status="primary" onclick="openModal()">Affect TPE</button>


  selector: "ngx-nb-list",
  templateUrl: "./nb-list.component.html",
  styleUrls: ["./nb-list.component.scss"],
export class NbListComponent implements OnInit {

  constructor(private dialogService: NbDialogService) {}

  ngOnInit() {

  openModal() {;


I want to display the button in the main component like add the button in home , on click on it I want to show a modal
for those are curious : I’m working on ngx-admin, I’m not allowed to add button in cell so I have to do somthing like that


You should use the proper click directive when calling a click function in angular. Your code should be like this:

<button nbButton status="primary" (click)="openModal()">Affect TPE</button>

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