How can I remove this small "right angle" in the bottom right corner of a cell?


I noticed on the bottom right corner of a cell there is a small right angle.

My understanding is this small "right angle" means the end of a range for the column.

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I am pretty sure I am not using the correct Excel verbiage.

How can I remove the right angle indicator or enter more data after that last cell so the spreadsheet knows the data is continuing after the last cell in the column with the right angle icon?

Currently when I enter more data or continuing after the last cell with the right angle icon bottom right corner, doing a filter only affects the data on top of the last column or rows above the right angle icon.


The blue mark indicates the range is an Excel table. To get rid of the blue mark, right click on that range and then select Table and then Convert to Range

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Alternatively, click anywhere inside the table and then click Convert to Range in the Table Design tab.

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For Excel 2010, the ribbon looks like this:

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