How do i access the new $scope after moving with $state.go() in AngularJS UI Router


Hey guys im trying to reach the new scope after i changed the state with $state.go.

$state.go("newState").then(function () {
      // doesn't work
     $state.current.$scope.variable = "abc";
     // doesn't work as well because it's referencing the old $scope
     $scope.variable = "def";
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You could pass the variable in the state change instead

$state.go("newState", {variable: "abc"})

Add the params in the state config

.state('newState', {
    url: '/newState',
    params: {
        variable : null
    templateUrl: 'newState.html',
    controller: 'newStateCtrl'

Then in your newStateCtrl, inject $stateParams and get the variable


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