How do I change the html video src with different a links?


I would like a website with two HTML files the first has a list of links where each link leads to the other HTML file showing different video sources per link;
Say I clicked on video1, then the page would lead me to the other, automatically filling the src to the correct video

<li><a href="stream.html#video1">video1</a></li>
<li><a href="stream.html#video2">video2</a></li>


<video src="../video/video1">

Do I need JavaScript or jQuery? If so, can you explain or show the way I could make it work?


To answer your initial question: it depends. If you have an application server, then you can use server-side code to generate your HTML and you can subsequently fill the src accordingly.

However, if doing this with server-side code is not an option, then you can achieve this using client-side code.

Passing the src

It’s advisable to pass the video info using a URL parameter rather than a hash parameter:

<li><a href="stream.html?src=video1">video1</a></li>
<li><a href="stream.html?src=video2">video2</a></li>

Getting a URL parameter

This is how you can get the value of a parameter, assuming that it exists:"&").map(item => item.split("=")).filter(item => (item[0] === "src"))[0][1]

Make sure that you have an id for the video in the second HTML

<video id="my-video">

Let’s implement a function that fills the src

function fillSrc() {
    let param ="&").map(item => item.split("=")).filter(item => (item[0] === "src"));
    if (param.length) { //the param exists
        document.getElementById("my-video").src = param[0][1];

Last but not least, run the function on load

Modify your body tag and make sure that this function runs:

    <body onload="fillSrc">
        <!-- some stuff -->
        <video id="my-video">
        <!-- some stuff -->

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