How do I prevent Edge from showing the visual search icon when users hover over an image?


Microsoft Edge (v100.0.1185.29) seems to have recently added a new hover icon(visual search) to all images over a certain size on a webpage. This option is also on the context menu anyway grrr!

I know the user can remove it in Edge settings but I’m looking for a solution in HTML/CSS to prevent this icon from showing when hovering over an tag?

This is the icon

This is the icon

Which expands like so when you hover

icon expanded on hover

I’ve tried different img width, heights and position settings. It seems to stop showing below 180px.

enter image description here


Looks like Microsoft have learnt the error of their ways as now they have either removed this ‘feature’ or set it to off by default. I can’t find any settings for it so I assume it’s been removed… for now!

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