How do you create a sub-directory for a website?


I am likely just not searching this the right way, but I have no idea how to add a sub directory to a website, you know www.websitename/HOWDOIADDTHISPART

I have my index.html set up but now I want to add pages and have made some with html but not sure how to link to them, my index.html works with www.websitename/index.html so i figured i could link the html name but it doesn’t do anything. (i get 404 not found of course)

as I said i have been looking, for over an hour, it seems like an easy enough thing, it is pretty essential to any website, but I just can’t find an answer. I would really appreciate anything, a link, correction of wording, whatever.


If you upload the other HTML pages in the same folder you can reach them with www.your name.HTML

If in the index.HTML folder you create a subfolder and a file in that subfolder you can reach the page with

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