How get post variable's values on an angular 5 url


I am creating an eCommerce website into Angular 5 (front-end) and Laravel 5 (back-end).

I have implemented sagepay payment gateway. When i use sagepay, we redirect customer to sagepay server and after payment sagepay return customer to our website url.

That returning url is an angular 5 url. And sagepay return some value via post method on that returning url. But when we come to our returning url via post method with sagepay post variables then it give error and display “Cannot POST /our_website_angular_url.html”

please let me know how i can get returning variable’s values from sagepay to our angular 5 url?



when an HTTP request comes from an external site, you have to use a server-side component to handle it like response.php page.

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