How to assert/expect if a function is called in Chai


I have a function like below which needs to be test with chai

export class GroupMessage {
 public async createTenant(): Promise<void> {
     const groupCreator = [];

     await Promise.all(groupCreator);

To test this, I have the below test case

  it('createTenantshould return create tenant', async () => {
    sandbox.stub(ServiceWrapper, 'Create');

    const groupNtmMessage = new GroupMessage();
    expect(ServiceWrapper, 'Create').to.have.been.called;

With the above code I get the below error

Error: Invalid Chai property: called. Did you mean "all"?

Any way we can test this, I have looked through chai documentation, but haven’t found anything


I found the answer to this. Instead of expect, sinon.assert can be used like below

sinon.assert.calledWith(ServiceWrapper.Create, 'test-project');

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