How to attach an event listener to a JavaScript generated html tag?


I would like to attach an event listener (e.g. ‘click’) to a programatically added JavaScript generated code (every line of a table). Usually, I would normally do that with jQuery dirty on method, but it doesn’t work (seems that my selector is too much specific. I don’t know any way to do this in another way…

var STD.prototype.addTableWithEvent(id, eventName, eventFunction)
    var ident = "webapp_table_"+ id;
    var table = angular.element("<table id=\"#"+ ident +"\"></table>");
    var line = angular.element("<tr></tr>");

    // this is the line not working
    jQuery("body").on(eventName, '#'+ ident +' tr', { std: this }, eventFunction);


This function is then called this way:

 var std = new STD();
 std.addTable("example", "click", function() { console.log("working"); });

The table is well added to the page, but the event function is not called when I click. If I change for this :

jQuery("body").on(eventName, 'tr', { std: this }, eventFunction);

Then it’s working but for every table, which is not what I want.
Is there a way to do this with Angular.js or jQuery?


Try attaching the event to the table instead of the body, and set the selector to delegate it to the <tr> elements, like so:

 table.on(eventName, 'tr', { std: this }, eventFunction);

Answered By – James Fair

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