How to define defaults for query params in AngularJS UI-Router?


I have a route:

.state('list', {
  templateUrl: '/views/list.html',
  controller: 'ListCtrl as vm'

Is there a way to ensure a default value for the query?

I don’t want to do it in the controller, as I use the same controller for other routes, and the controller has certain behaviour if the query is undefined.

What I want is this particular route to default that query.

In the old angular route I have done this sort of thing…

  templateUrl: '/views/list.html',
  controller: 'ListCtrl'
  redirectTo:function(routeParams, path, search) {
    if(!search.query) {
      return "list?query=defaultSearch";   


We can use a setting called params. There is a working plunker

.state('list', {
  templateUrl: 'views/list.html',
  controller: 'ListCtrl as vm',
  params: { query: 'DEFAULT VALUE' }, // here the default

and these links will work as expected

<a href="#/list?"> - with default 'query' value 
<a href="#/list?query=someParam">
<a ui-sref="list({query:'theParam'})">

Check it in action here

The details are discussed here:

Angular ui router passing data between states without URL

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