How to detect key pressed in TypeScript?


What would be the semantically equivalent syntax in typescript to the following line in javascript

//Some knockout event handler.
myFunc(data : string, evt : Event) {
    //If enter or tab key up were detected add the excuse to the collection.
    if(evt.enterKey || evt.which == 9)
        //Do Something

The trouble I’m having here is unlike regular javascript event, typescript Event class does not have a property enterKey or which. So how do I detect which key is being pressed without getting typescript compile error and the ugly red wiggly underline?


You need to use the more specialised event type KeyboardEvent, as shown below:

myFunc(data : string, evt : KeyboardEvent)

If you want to also remove errors for evt.enterKey you’ll need to add it by extending the interface – although I’m not aware that this is a real property as it isn’t technical a control key, like CTRL, SHIFT or ALT, which all have properties on the event:

interface KeyboardEvent {
    enterKey: boolean;

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