How to determine new route after call router.navigate?


I’m trying to intercept a route change by router guard. So when I call:


So once called it goes through guard CanDeactivate interface. And the guard needs to determine where it’s really going to redirect.
So is there a property something like:

this.router.newRoute ?? 

Or should I use a global variable to set it before call navigate method?


As you can see in the CanDeactivate interface the fourth argument is the nextState. You can inspect it to find the next route’s url.

interface CanDeactivate<T> { 
    component: T, 
    currentRoute: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, 
    currentState: RouterStateSnapshot, 
    nextState?: RouterStateSnapshot
  ): Observable<boolean> | Promise<boolean> | boolean

So in your case you can do something like this:

  component: TeamComponent,
  currentRoute: ActivatedRouteSnapshot,
  currentState: RouterStateSnapshot,
  nextState: RouterStateSnapshot
): Observable<boolean>|Promise<boolean>|boolean {

  if (nextState.url === '/interesting/path/') {
    // do something
  else {
    return true;


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